It is similar to own but awesomer and the accidental misspelling of pwn.
Kelly: Lets go over there
Blake: ok
Kelly: *reaches out arm*
Blake: *yanks her arm*
Blake: haha u just got panned!
Kelly: yea i did!
by Blake + Kelly August 06, 2007
Bread,a type of food derived from the source of wheet.
Make me a sandwitch with "Pan" and queso.
by BetoTheDestroyer January 29, 2004
The water filled area of the toilet
Gone down the pan
by Simon Williams May 20, 2003
to inflict a damage upon someone using fists
He nicked my football so I my brother to pan him!
by Mark oh! June 11, 2004
P.enis A.lignment N.otch

a.k.a. buttchin, cleft chin or chin dimple
That guy has the Grand Canyon for a PAN!
by blahbaba September 28, 2009
An obese or grossly overweight person. Can also be used as an insult.
Look at the pan!

Your Pan!

by born1776 July 07, 2008
pig-man abbr.; pig (about person); a disparaging term for a person
Look at yourself, pan
by Andrius March 01, 2008

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