Poop and Nap
Yeah, I just got back from the dinning hall and had a great pan.
by ashizzle90 January 25, 2011
1.) Prefix used in defining massed regions, usually either involving an alliance or the area of a particular event. For example, an epidemic of a disease spreading across a large portion of the world is known as a pandemic.
2.) The proper pronunciation of "pen", a writing utensil, in The North and the Midwest.
Following soon after the end of major hostilities of World War I, a great enfluenza pandemic occured.
by The Midwestrn Soldier December 08, 2004
Pussy Ass Nigger
i wanted to make friends with a new kid at school but i heard he was a PAN
by J'Clubben September 05, 2011
what most guys look for, code-name for ass. Guys usually use this code-name to talk about gettin some in front or around girls or older people, to avoid using disruptive language.
"hey danny, how was that pan last night?!"

"OMG, i hit that pan all night long. imma get two pan tonight, they totally want me"
by Beny G January 24, 2009
Pussy Ass Nigga. Popularized by T.I in his new album, Paper Trail.
"Yall PANs!!!!"

"Bitch you'z a PAN"
by Kishamela October 08, 2008
A pipe for smoking marijuana.
Bring your pot and pan to the bayou after school.
by xxxmy_name_is_earlxxx July 27, 2009
Punk Ass Nigga. A lazy bitch.
Get off the couch you Pan.
by BigRich062003 March 01, 2008
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