nothing it just means pan
justpan estabilla is a tru (same) gr9 homie but he's a real pan
by not liana tbh May 23, 2015
To beg strangers for money. OR To make up a crazy story about why a stranger should spare some change. (or hopefully a few dollars)
I took Ryan out panning for his first time.
by bongabill June 20, 2009
short form of "steel pan/steel drum" Instrument from Trinidad and Tobago (not from Jamaica). A drum made out of metal. When played, it makes a sweet sound bringing you back to sweet sweet TnT.
Watch dat ass buss d pan
by blah April 23, 2004
A slang word used in place of "pants" to mean rubbish or crap.
Commonly used by those people who simply cannot be bothered to add the extra T.
"man that party was pans!"
"i've done pans in that exam"
by aimes May 13, 2008
pussy ass nigga
Yo cj your a pan for kissing that dude.
by killer22 January 30, 2011
Poop and Nap
Yeah, I just got back from the dinning hall and had a great pan.
by ashizzle90 January 25, 2011
what most guys look for, code-name for ass. Guys usually use this code-name to talk about gettin some in front or around girls or older people, to avoid using disruptive language.
"hey danny, how was that pan last night?!"

"OMG, i hit that pan all night long. imma get two pan tonight, they totally want me"
by Beny G January 24, 2009

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