An acronym, the term is derived from a Pussy Ass Nigga
Or in another term bread.
Alan was a P.A.N. for not drinking like the rest of the people at the party and instead smoked weed for his own amusement.
by Megatron II February 23, 2014
A female whose sexual partners exceed her age by a shocking number, often disposing of unborn children at an alarming rate all while keeping the neighborhood rape rate at pleasant lows. This "pan" is often the butt of jokes for men who are either as promiscuous as said pan, OR girls who are also as bad, but keep it generally under wraps. Much like junk food, sleeping in tents or Tim Tebow, a pan can be quite the double-edged sword and should be utilized with caution.
Guy 1: I just did it with Sarah, I just started talking to her about 3 hours ago though she didn't even take my number, just bus money.
Guy 2: Me too.. so did Mark, Jim, Tom, Larrry, Mike, Rudolph, Lenny, and Larry again.. she must a pan!
by BxRVocab September 09, 2013
To beg strangers for money. OR To make up a crazy story about why a stranger should spare some change. (or hopefully a few dollars)
I took Ryan out panning for his first time.
by bongabill June 20, 2009
1.Lavatory pan or toilet bowl, where turd-catching water wells (to decrease skid marks and vile cabbage gases). Usually white and made from enamel.

2.Some creepy, faggish, man-goat creature of Greek mythology. Played the panpipes (conch shell)...or something.

3.Frying pan.
Person in dismay: "Well, that idea's 'gone down the pan'."
Colleague: "You mean, we should've just screwed up the plans and flushed them down the toilet?"
Person in dismay: "Correctamundo"
by Goatlips July 23, 2008
short form of "steel pan/steel drum" Instrument from Trinidad and Tobago (not from Jamaica). A drum made out of metal. When played, it makes a sweet sound bringing you back to sweet sweet TnT.
Watch dat ass buss d pan
by blah April 23, 2004
A slang word used in place of "pants" to mean rubbish or crap.
Commonly used by those people who simply cannot be bothered to add the extra T.
"man that party was pans!"
"i've done pans in that exam"
by aimes May 13, 2008
pussy ass nigga
Yo cj your a pan for kissing that dude.
by killer22 January 30, 2011
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