A little boy who has floppy lip syndrome and he cant say his his 'l's!!! you ask him wat is rong with him and he say...'i have fwoppy wip spyndwome!! lol :)
e.g a boy with a floppy lip called pamphlet
by honkjn March 31, 2009
Top Definition
A street art project in London, installing work from artists and galleries and museums and anything not graffiti
"Have you seen the new Pamphlet on Church street ? The colours are soo cool!"

by museum-boy May 13, 2012
A short book of 350 pages or less. Something that can be read in a single sitting.
Person 1: "Well I finally finished the Sorcerer's Stone!"
Person 2: "Oh really?"
Person 1: "Yeah, why? I enjoyed it."
Person 2: "Its good, but kinda small; its more of a pamphlet than a REAL book."
by suilerua sucram October 21, 2011
a noun used for a man with one testicle.
I just found out that Justin is a pamphlet!
by ballin50 March 29, 2011
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