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The act of giving or getting a hand job/finger banging without removing the genitalia from the pants.
I was at the movie theater with Jane and she gave me the best pammy wammy!

I was in the back seat with Jane and my friend was driving so I had to give her a pammy wammy.
by walking-dead October 25, 2010
the nickname for someone named pam or pamela
hey pammywhammy
by kiki June 04, 2004
Two-Faced member on flowgo; looks like fred flinstone and eats too much fast food, especially McDonalds. Very particular with the food she eats because she eats too much. Goes by the name of Pamela who lives in Minnesota. She loves to say "Yabba Dabba Doo" in the morning and at night. She choked on a M&M.
PammyWammy, the traitor who betrayed many people.
by anonymous April 24, 2004
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