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To never show up to a group event. To always have something else planned that prevents you from joining your loyal crew. To flake out.
Nick is notorious for 'Pamming'. He never shows up for happy hours.
by stranzironi February 21, 2013
The most elegant way of masturbation.
"Dude last night felt so good"


"I was pamming for awhile"
by Drizzy Drake Hender August 09, 2010
To milk an injury or sickness for attention/pity, much more than warranted for. Coined after the name of the wife seen in the Nyquil television advertisements of 2011/2012: "Pam.. Pam.. Can you call my mom?"
"Ohhh owwww, my leg is SO sore, I can't even walk. Can you get me a blanket?" "Quit pamming."

"David was pamming so much last night, asked me to take him to the hospital because he had the sniffles."
by Pseudonymmm January 30, 2012

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