A beautiful actress who has poor taste in men and is a slut, but likeable. And to anyone who says without her tits she'd be Paris Hilton is WRONG! Paris Hilton is Fugly and skinny and NASTY. Pamela Anderson at age 90 would STILL be prettier than Paris Hilton!
Pamela Anderson was so much prettier in Home Improvement with her natural lips and eyebrows.
by Mona Lott February 18, 2006
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Tommy Lee's sperm bank
oh god, tommy. you just busted in me. heres 20$
by Anonymous August 25, 2003
"Everyone says that Pam Anderson would be nothing without her tits. That is just not true... She'd be Paris Hilton
As told by Sarah Silverman on the roast of Pam Anderson
by foo bear August 24, 2005
Someone who everyone in the world over the age of 11 has seen engaging in sexual intercourse.
Azamat: I saw a video with Pamela Anderson doing something very bad on a boat.

Average Person: Welcome to Earth.
by Chernorizets Hrabr June 02, 2007
The Woman Has Hepititas C.
Which is an STD if you didn't know... So, for those of you still looking at the screen with a retarded look on your face... it means if you bang Pamela Anderson, you will excret puss from your genitals.
by Veetre-shnugan-hagin January 01, 2006
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