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Pronounced "Pam-DA", such as a "panda bear" but with "Pam" instead of "Pan"

A fine nick name for any Pamela,Pammy, or Pam!

One wild lady, who is always energetic and crazy and of course loves bears!. Comes from the name pam, fused with Panda. Commonly used as a pet name. "My Pamda bear" First used as a unique pet name in late 2004, by a man named stephen for his girlfriend Pamela. Newer variations of the girl Pamela's nick-names have been Pamquim(Pam-quin) by Matthew F, Pamerla(Pam-MER-LA) by Ross B, and Pamelalamb(Pam-la-lamb)

Pamda bears, Pamdabeer
by Pamela MacNeil April 12, 2008