A place in Los Angles County that blows. If you like rich snobby people,jackasses cops,and an outdoor mall that is a absolute joke,and think you're better than everyone else,then come live in PV! Oh,the ONLY thing there is really to do in PV is smoke pot,drink,party and do other drugs. Woohoo! Party Like a rockstar!
Kid #1-There is nothing to do here in Palos verdes! I hate it!

Kid #2-Yeah,Oh well. Let's go get high as hell.

Kid #1-Alright,let's just hope Pv pigs don't roll past. Why don't we go to Del Cerro?

Kid #2-Fine. Del Cerro is more chill anyways.

by Richy McRich September 24, 2007
1.) the Place where they film THE OC, which is in LA county. Considered to be the wealthiest and most affluent neighborhood in all of Los Angeles county.

However..It is in reality a shit hole. What use is living on the coast line if you can't go to the beach? Its a nice little bubble..but once you leave you are in the fucking ghetto, i.e. carson, compton, torrance, etc..

A place that wishes it was located in southern Orange County California, but its not. The only reason why people live in PV as opposed to Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Newport Coast, Corona Del Mar, Dana Point, San Clemente, etc..
is because its the only halfway decent place to live in LA
I own a business in downtown LA... I would love to live in Newport or Laguna, but the drive is too far so I bought a house in Palos Verdes instead
by Sam Kim July 31, 2005

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