a.k.a. PV

1. a city where all the moms are PTA members and gossips with each other, and all the dads are in a biking gang. They all wear matching Live Strong shirts, biking pants, and helmets. All of the kids no longer drive Beamers and Mercedes because it is not the cool thing to do anymore. No, instead they drive raised trucks with refurbished sound systems bumpin some gangster/ old school rap because reggae just went out of style.

2. the "chill" school on the hill where students attend because Pen is too ghetto for them, or just has too many Asians. That's not to say asians aren't cool. It's just that it makes RICH white kids feel like the minority, and RICH white kids don't like to feel that way (actually, its usually just because of proximity or friends but definitely has earned the name chill school); Goes by the block system; hasn't had a fake bomb scare yet by fake arabs who think they are hard as opposed to Pen

3. gang sign associated with the Red Tide; not commonly used. Mostly by faggot freshmen who think they are better than Pen kids usually because they have no friends from Pen or just friends in general
1. Let's go to Palos Verdes--the city where kids think they are the shit, moms are embarrassing gossiping cunts, and dads who think they are going to be the next Lance Armstrong!

2. PV Kid: PV is the shit!
West kid: go home you rich ass PV kid!
PV Kid: Yo! Don't be jealous cuz your dad works for my dad!

3. PV Freshman: *throws up gang sign* PV PRIDE!
by your_friendly_PV_goer January 11, 2010
The kids thought I was ghetto because my family made below $60,000.

I believe that says it all.
I hate how people say how rich and snobby Palos Verdes is, it's not like everyone drives a BMW or Mercedes. Some of us have Volvos.
by anonymous157 June 19, 2010
A place in southern california that has expensive, large houses, great beaches, bitchy spoiled rich teenagers driving beamers, and excellent schools. A classic "sleepy town" where there is little entertainment and almost no excitement. The cops here are usually overpaid, and will ticket you for nearly anything. The people are for the most part asian and white, with some mexicans mixed in. People living in the richer part of palos verdes (palos verdes estates) are snobby, rich, and bitchy. The people of the less wealthy communities, (Rancho Palos Verdes) are generally better spirited and have better behaved teenagers. Overall, Palos verdes is a place that is rich, boring, and safe. Good place to grow up, if you are planning on going to college or staying out of trouble.
Guy 1: "dude i just got back from palos verdes to visit my parents."

Guy 2: "How was it? Pick up any chicks?"

Guy1: "I would've if there were any decent bars or nightclubs around, but the old asian and white dudes would have complained bitterly if anyone tried to open one up."
by dublincatfish July 10, 2008
a city in CALIFORNIA. where its mostly nature and wild life, but most people here are exciting and we are the ones with the beaches! <3 <3
i live in palos verdes! people in other places should be jealous!
by pvchick<3 May 10, 2010
incredibly scenic giant hill south of Los Angeles where snobs, wannabe gangbangers and asshole police officers reside, also known as PV
I was arrested in Palos Verdes for driving a '79 Pinto.
by Matt Wirth September 09, 2003
land full of rich asswipes who yell at you for doing stupid things; cockhead cops; angry old ladies; and stupid useless rules made for getting destructive teens in trouble.
hey, that kid just got arrested in palos verdes for throwing a paintball!
by Alex St. Clair March 21, 2007
The secluded and exlusive hill south of L.A. and the beach cities where you are noticed if you don't drive a BMW, Mercedes, or other car valued at $50 grand or more. We have huge mansions and have The OC constantly being filmed in or near our homes. Our crime rate is in the 10 lowest in the country, most of our parents are on the Fortune 500 list, and it's not unusual for us to be friends with certain celebrities or to be invited to awards shows or club openings. We have the beach, the city, the cars, the houses, gorgeous trust fund teenagers, and money...so yah it's alrite to be jealous of us.
Who are the hot chicks in the Mercedes CL 500 with the Chanel sunglasses and more Juicy Couture than Saks Fifth Avenue?---They're from PV man...everything's fine there
by BFT June 01, 2005

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