After fingering a girl on her period and getting a whole handful of blood, you spank her leaving a bloody hand print similar to how Native Americans painted hands on palomino horses.
I figured this chick when she was on the rag and then gave her a palomino...Then she punched me.
by Gliderman January 25, 2011
Top Definition
A COLOR of a Horse. Not a BREED.
Jesus. Get it straight, y'all.
by Leiko October 05, 2004
half white half black,cream colored, mixed race, mullato ie Obama, Woods, Kidd
Look at the Mud Shark with those two cute palominos.
by h-time October 12, 2008
A palomino refers to those whose hair is a lighter colour than their much darker body. Mainly due to excessive bleach and fake tan.
Girl: We can power sweet rave parties from that girl's fluorescent colour!
Boy: That palomino is most definitely Donald Trump's love child.
by Flosspot1305 September 26, 2011
Mixed race, half white half black, light skinned, cream colored.
Obama, Tiger Woods are palominos. Their mothers were "mud sharks"
by h-time November 07, 2008
Someone with whom you've recently made acquaintance via a third party.
Any friend of yours is a palomino.
by andi January 16, 2004
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