half white half black,cream colored, mixed race, mullato ie Obama, Woods, Kidd
Look at the Mud Shark with those two cute palominos.
by h-time October 12, 2008
Top Definition
A COLOR of a Horse. Not a BREED.
Jesus. Get it straight, y'all.
by Leiko October 05, 2004
A palomino refers to those whose hair is a lighter colour than their much darker body. Mainly due to excessive bleach and fake tan.
Girl: We can power sweet rave parties from that girl's fluorescent colour!
Boy: That palomino is most definitely Donald Trump's love child.
by Flosspot1305 September 26, 2011
After fingering a girl on her period and getting a whole handful of blood, you spank her leaving a bloody hand print similar to how Native Americans painted hands on palomino horses.
I figured this chick when she was on the rag and then gave her a palomino...Then she punched me.
by Gliderman January 25, 2011
Mixed race, half white half black, light skinned, cream colored.
Obama, Tiger Woods are palominos. Their mothers were "mud sharks"
by h-time November 07, 2008
Someone with whom you've recently made acquaintance via a third party.
Any friend of yours is a palomino.
by andi January 16, 2004
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