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mexican slang for a mans penis.

Palo (sp.): Pole, stick.
Mamicita, I got your photos, oh my goodness you had my palo on throb status.
by Jose's Mija November 16, 2006
lit. a stick, also used to mean "spank" in Spanish/Filipino
"Jon-jon, why do you keep skipping school, huh? You want palo?!"
"I'm sorry, Nanay!"
by Buhay Gulay November 29, 2009
a name of excellence, a Palo is the mack of all macks. A Palo stays fresh, keeps it real, and will always come out on top.
Dude, that pimp is a Palo
by Pimp of all Pimps January 30, 2012
Palo is basically a guy who likes to have sex with big fat transexual ogres. In his free time, he enjoys buttfucking horny kangaroos and eating cow testicles.
"Yummy." said Palo. "These testicles are delicious! I think I'll have some more"
by Jon July 05, 2004