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Used to define a greedy man whom smoke's all your weed and eats all your food. also referred to as cunt
Person 1 : Yo Were's all the weed??

Person 2 : God Damm Palmer Smoked It All

Person 3 : Its Ok i slept with his girlfriend.
by Twilightfanpage May 31, 2010
44 31
Someone who's on top of his game..No one can compete with him at everything he does..aka the champ..handsome charming and articulate.
Damn i wish i could be just like Palmer
by champ8619 February 03, 2010
234 86
Another term for a 'hand job'.
So I was getting a palmer the other night from this chick I know, and her dad walked in...
by Josh Fuller October 10, 2006
287 174
(v.)- to pwn something; to own something; to master something
Ex 1: Jimmy didn't study, but he got a 105% on his test. He Palmered that test.

Ex 2: Jimmy is on the debate team, and he feels very prepared. He is confident that he will Palmer the competition.
by Julie Schmutz December 07, 2007
134 57
base unit of measuring breast size
She's got quite the rack, definitely a two-palmer.
by Robots_rule December 09, 2008
117 46
A great set of tits that fit perfectly in your cupped hands. In between rockin' tits and bee stings, these cans aren't necessarily the biggest, but could be all that one really needs.
"How was that breezy you took home last night?"

"Pretty dece face, nice palmers...took her down hard."
by bTreezy October 22, 2008
31 5
sexy, hott, guy u wanna do
james palmer is a hot guy
by shelly chambless December 07, 2005
135 111
the guy in your group that pretends he is dumber then he actually is. Often he will say shit that does not make sense to try and get a laugh but results in him being chirped.
jordan: i wanna go out tonight and get smashed ttyl

Ryan: its monday night

greg: fking palmer
by wespalms February 23, 2009
108 86