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Palm Harbor University High, Florida. The West side of FL, otherwise known as the rich side of FL. a preppy prep school where rich kids pretend they're not rich and poor kids pretend they're rich. alot of drug use and alot of joking about being gay, which 60% of the school most likely is. 90% of the school owns polo shirts in at least 6 colors. Place full of fags with with tight pants, gay hair, and republicans. Fights are pushing each other. Girls are teases and guys are fake. Hell on Earth. Almost nothing positive comes from it. The few girls who are actually good looking are dumber than a box of rocks, and further prove that girls want the guy who will treat them the most like shit over the one who won't. Everyone there acts like they are non-conforming or unique, or whatever the fuck they like to believe, despite it being far from reality. Oh, Did i mention that the football team starts off good then breaks under pressure?
look at the fag with the cat ears. bet he goes to palm harbor university high school.
by ROfljohn September 28, 2010
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