Skankiest orifice in the skankiest state.Gold teef,pitbulls,camouflage,'Murrcun/support the troops ribbons,hoopties,monster trucks,baby mammas,parolees,restraining orders,meth,gold teef over meth mouth,Shaquishas,Brittanys,Teshawns,Bubbas,Jesustrucks,Jesus hoopties,Jesus monster trucks,sex offenders,pedophiles,religious fanatics.Often involves a combination of the latter three.
Palm Bay Florida makes the cast and set of Gummo look patrician.
by Lick Poop April 24, 2011
Top Definition
Quite Possibly The Most Boring Place in Florida. FILLED with old people
The are soo many old people that live in Palm Bay Florida
by Tyler Marcinik January 09, 2011
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