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Quite Possibly The Most Boring Place in Florida. FILLED with old people
The are soo many old people that live in Palm Bay Florida
by Tyler Marcinik January 09, 2011
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Skankiest orifice in the skankiest state.Gold teef,pitbulls,camouflage,'Murrcun/support the troops ribbons,hoopties,monster trucks,baby mammas,parolees,restraining orders,meth,gold teef over meth mouth,Shaquishas,Brittanys,Teshawns,Bubbas,Jesustrucks,Jesus hoopties,Jesus monster trucks,sex offenders,pedophiles,religious fanatics.Often involves a combination of the latter three.
Palm Bay Florida makes the cast and set of Gummo look patrician.
by Lick Poop April 24, 2011
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