"Palin" being when one vehemently fights for or against something, without much knowledge or training on said subject- other than their own backwoods upbringing. And also maybe pulls out facts which may or may not be substantiated.
I know that I can be a little Palin when it comes to the topic of fighting monkeys, but it gets me every time! Did you know I read that 14 million mokeys die in Russia every year from this?
#obtuse #pallin #unreasonable #naive #ignorant
by katsmeow July 29, 2010
A form of American English developed by supporters of TEA (taxed enough already) parties and the former governor of Alaska Sarah Palin.
'Palin' consists of a wide variety of southernisms derived from Redneck American English, miss spelled words (when in written form), useless or uneducated social and political narratives, vague and often meaningless metaphorical devices, threats, poorly placed sentence symbology (also when in written form), delusional free form gibberish and Omitted or miss arranged grammatical compositions caused by illiteracy and poor written composition skills.
The best examples of Palin are used by members of Sarah Palin and TEA party support forums and groups on the facebook and myspace websites.

Documentation and archiving of this new language is currently under way and a comprehensive reference should be available soon.
(In the 'Palin' Language')
“Maybe some Yankee's don't know this but a lot of people down south use their middle name first.”
-Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacker (Joe the plumber) commenting on the use of his middle name as his first at an AFP “TEA Party” rally in 2009.
Wurzelbacker resides in Ohio which is NORTH of the Masson Dixon line which divides Yankee Americans from Confederate Americans as the civil war era social stereotype suggests.
Though northern Americans are also known to use their middle names as their first meaning the narrative was entirely useless to begin with.

“Yup beat libs at their own game. That the lord for obama.

“Gov,t (notice the unnecessary comma) hand out I hope you all. Have a job and pay taxes.me and my dog thank you.”

“I rushed don't care about spelling. Thats trivial. I will I and a friend are trying to find out.”

“Is the secret hand shake blowing yer brains out and field dressing your courpse (sic), think id scalp you to.”
#palin #language #english #american #redneck
by Mr. Snowmanpants January 10, 2010
A person of such great positivity and optimism to the point of drawing massive and irrational hate-filled attacks from idiots who are ruining their country.
The great Palin-like leader ignored the mass of media-driven fools who made sick jokes about her children.
#insprirational #decent #positive #dynamic #uplifting #good
by jagaimo July 12, 2009
A sexual act when someone receiving oral sex slams the head of the person giving them oral sex against their body so hard that the lenses on their glasses shatter.
Barbie gave Ken head and Ken gave her a Palin and she had to get new glasses to replace the ones shattered by the Palin.
#head #fellatio #choking #gagging #oral sex
by kwtn September 04, 2008
A lipstick wearing bulldog of Alaska that could become the Vice President of The United States.
Sarah Palin: The Difference between a hockey-mom and a bulldog is lip stick.
#bulldog #hockey-mom #republican #political tool #governor
by Xjander September 03, 2008
Only the hottest VP candidate ever. If you didnt know this you need to be punched in the suck hole.
Palin is so hot, what I wouldn't pay to give her a bloody sock.
#vpilf #hottie #vice prez #hockey mom #cougar #milf #sexy bitch
by Yum Sarah Palin November 02, 2008
To generate bilnd hatred resulting in being misrepresented, lied about, and to have one's character impugned without any regard for the truth. To be a sacrificial lamb and scapecoat to ideological idiots. To be attacked with prejudice for being a conservative and religious woman.
Although being a highly accomplished, straight forward and poular governor, Sarah was palined by the press and ignorant ideologues as a bumbling backwoods liar. This despite having more experience and accomplishments in her life than the Presidential candidate she ran against.
#ideological scapegoat #object of blind hatred #character assassination #target for ideological bigotry #how liberals treat an opposing viewpoint
by Bob Plett March 05, 2009
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