a type of deception in the form of an untruthful statement, especially with the intention to deceive others, often with the further intention to maintain a secret or reputation, protect someone's feelings or to avoid a punishment or repercussion for one's actions.
To palin is to state something that one knows to be false or that one does not honestly believe to be true with the intention that a person will take it for the truth.
by Texans4Truth March 14, 2010
When you step outside your house to look at Russia while your kids are inside having sex. Can also be done with a picture of Russia, if you are too far from it geographically.
"Hey! That eskimo just stepped outside, and is staring at Russia!"
"Yeah, her daughter is inside her igloo banging another Eskimo."
"Wow. There's a Palin for ya."
by Dr. Kimono April 07, 2010
A form of American English developed by supporters of TEA (taxed enough already) parties and the former governor of Alaska Sarah Palin.
'Palin' consists of a wide variety of southernisms derived from Redneck American English, miss spelled words (when in written form), useless or uneducated social and political narratives, vague and often meaningless metaphorical devices, threats, poorly placed sentence symbology (also when in written form), delusional free form gibberish and Omitted or miss arranged grammatical compositions caused by illiteracy and poor written composition skills.
The best examples of Palin are used by members of Sarah Palin and TEA party support forums and groups on the facebook and myspace websites.

Documentation and archiving of this new language is currently under way and a comprehensive reference should be available soon.
(In the 'Palin' Language')
“Maybe some Yankee's don't know this but a lot of people down south use their middle name first.”
-Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacker (Joe the plumber) commenting on the use of his middle name as his first at an AFP “TEA Party” rally in 2009.
Wurzelbacker resides in Ohio which is NORTH of the Masson Dixon line which divides Yankee Americans from Confederate Americans as the civil war era social stereotype suggests.
Though northern Americans are also known to use their middle names as their first meaning the narrative was entirely useless to begin with.

“Yup beat libs at their own game. That the lord for obama.

“Gov,t (notice the unnecessary comma) hand out I hope you all. Have a job and pay taxes.me and my dog thank you.”

“I rushed don't care about spelling. Thats trivial. I will I and a friend are trying to find out.”

“Is the secret hand shake blowing yer brains out and field dressing your courpse (sic), think id scalp you to.”
by Mr. Snowmanpants January 10, 2010
A thick, clumpy, white discharge that is associated with a vaginal yeast infection.
I've got palin in my panties. I must have a yeast infection.
by Eric Tylurgen June 26, 2014
An unwanted pregnancy. Can occur too early, or too late in life
Did you hear what happened to Jenna? She had drunk sex with her asshole boyfriend and now they are having a palin.
by Sexpantherblog February 21, 2011
To win something using no talent, ability or intelligence.
Person 1: How did she make it to the finals? She can't even dance!
Person 2: She palined it.

Person 1: I wish I could have a TV show even though I've done nothing but make a fool of myself on the world stage.
Person 2: Easy. Just palin it.
by storm_25_52 November 16, 2010
When your neighbor hires a loud, obnoxious hooker; and no matter what you do, you can't seem to block out the noise.

He's obviously having fun, and she's in it for the money, but the rest of the apartment complex knows they're both a pair of assholes we're all better off without.
Pass me that coffee, man... my fat-assed neighbor hired a Palin last night, and they kept me up with all their bullshit until dawn.
by Alaskan_Wolf September 06, 2010
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