To quit something halfway through.
My wife calls me a Palin for being premature.
by Peeps2Sweets2 July 07, 2009
Palin \pay-lin\ noun
The use of words you don’t know to express notions you never understood to get jobs you simply are not meant to have.

Palin \pay-lin\ verb
Stringing words together to enthuse an already receptive audience without anyone actually knowing what you said, then later denying what you meant despite no one actually calling you out on it since no one had been able to figure out what you actually said in the first place.
If you are stumped during a job interview after a fairly serious palin, don't forget to palin instead of letting the crushing silence finish your career before it starts.
by teejayvee July 09, 2009
Act of throwing up on your partner when something has gone wrong during anal sex.
During anal sex, your partner emit a large fart that send some piece of crap flying on you. Seeing and smeeling this you cannot help but copiously throw up on her. You've done a Palin.
by Falmer5 January 24, 2010
Verb: 1.The act of becoming intoxicated usually referring to smoking marijuana, and acting as if you cannot speak clearly, or are completely unintelligent.

2. Acting stupid, unstable, and ridiculous
Last night I smoked myself Palin.
by barefeetnotarms. January 12, 2011
some very simple and easy to understand. able to be comprehended by everyone.


to dumb something down. to simplify.
I don't understand, can you put that in palin terms.

I had to palin the lesson for the class.
by James Earl Johnston Joe John March 19, 2010
"palin" Verb: To use the palm of the non-dominant hand to write down a note to use surreptitiously in a speech. "Palin" noun: A word written in that manner for that purpose.
"palinoid" Noun: An incomplete or partial paliin.

full palin: A palin re-creating Sarach Palin's famous use of her left hand to write prompts especially when a word which might arguably be the most powerful, essential, and potentially tricky part of the speech is crossed out.

palining: The act or producing a palin.

Palinpeek: The act of glancing surreptitiously at a palin during a formal speech, hoping not to be observed doing so.
Words used by Sarah Palin in a recent speech to the Teaparty meeting wherein she exposed to the TV camera some four or five words including "budget" which had been crossed out.

This writer knows of no other example of palining.
by picsbyalf February 21, 2010
to be extremely retarded to the point that actual retards take offensive to being compared to said person
Dude, you are so palin right now that it is not even funny.
by SirMasonJar October 11, 2010
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