An extremely rare sexual tendency/persuasion in which an individual experiences sexual arousal or lust from situations involving, concepts revolving around or depictions of dinosaurs and sometimes other large reptiles including dragons, lizards and/or snakes. These feelings may even be exclusive to these things depending on the person.
Paleophiles are rarely very open about their somewhat "unique" sexuality and while usually completely capable of having normal, loving relationships, they may experience difficulty in having a sexual relationship with another human being. Some of the tendencies Paleophiles/Herpiphiles have are:

1. They do not find the feminine breast or masculine hair attractive in the least, and are often repulsed or made uncomfortable by contact with it.

2. They are very physically reserved people, and shy away from intimate contact or sexual advances even from trusted partners

3. They experience almost no sexual arousal from media which most people may find arousing.

4. They are often ashamed of their sexual tendencies and hide them, limiting the scope of their sexual activities to their imagination and masteurbation.

Contrary to what it may seem, paleophilia/herpiphiliacs are generally good people, who are fully capable of getting along with other people normally.
Paul has a girlfriend, but she is concerned that Paul may be a homosexual because of his distinct lack of sexual interest in her. However, Paul is actually a Paleophiliac, and only gets turned on by dinosaurs.
by H Dorriker May 31, 2005
Top Definition
Becoming sexually aroused by dinosaurs.
She thought that T-Rex was really hot, clearly she is a paleophiliac.
by Brenda !!!!! October 05, 2004

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