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high school located in Palatine, Illinois all classes are divided into 8 periods. On the outside it looks like a prison and it's not really different on the inside.

The hall monitors act like security guards at the White House, some teachers are cool, others are total dicks.
It's divided into 3 floors, the 3rd floor is the math/science
section where a crap load of mexican kids hang out, the 2nd floor is the english/art section where there's a mix of both hispanic and whites and the 1st floor is where the gym,cafeteria and special need classes are located.

The only excitement is when a fight happens,and that doesn't really happen very often, but when it does, by the end of the day more than half of the kids know about it.
You have your typical cliques but there's really not a lot of rivalry, it's sort of race based but not always.
it's just a typical small town high school where one day blends in with another.

R.I.P. Chikis.
1. typic day at Palatine High School:
hall monitor: HEY! LEMME SEE SOME I.D.
kid hands I.D.
hall monitor: where are you supposed to be right now?
kid: i have a free period...
hall monitor: you know you're not supposed to be in the halls roaming around, it's a threat to our national security..

kid 1; wtf?!?! I got 2 detentions for not wearing the required lanyard to school.
kid 2: yeah, I got a compulsory for not cleaning up the shit some other kid left before me in the lunch table.
by nadaqueverr March 11, 2009
Named one of the worst high schools in the Chicago suburbs by Channel 5 news in 2011 for it's gangs & drugs. Basically everyone one side of the train tracks goes to Palatine High School and on the other you go to Fremd. If you live on the Palatine High School side you probably are poor. You may be one of the few kids who had money but just bought on the Palatine High School side because the same exact house was $80,000 to $90,000 cheaper. (Because of Palatine High School) It's true when they say Fremd is the better school.
Palatine High School Student: Want some drugs?

Fremd High School Student: You can afford them?
by speakingtruthfully July 19, 2012
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