One of nine playable classes in the game World of Warcraft. Currently, Paladins are specific to the Alliance, and can only be either Dwarves or Humans. In short time, however, Paladins will also be playable by the Horde, as Blood Elves.

Paladins are often thought of as easy-mode players because of the Paladin class ability to wear the heaviest class of armor, wield a large variety of weapons, and have the ability to heal themselves in combat. They are sometimes likened to adolescent/immature players, or mentally handicapped. The underlying irony of those insults is that they are made by other players of the same game, and they are no more intelligent or mature than any other player of said game.

Truth be told, Paladins are no more viable than any other class in World of Warcraft. Every class has the choice to specialize in three different aspects of their abilities, and the Paladins are no exception. They can choose to be exceptional healers, psudo-tanks, or powerful damage dealers. The misconception is that they can perform all three roles simultaneously, which is simply not true.

The Paladin class can be a very entertaining class to play at all stages of its development, be it during the levelling process, PvP, or PvE content. They posess a rich variety of spells and abilities that not only make them exceptionally survivable, but a true blessing to any group.
"Unlike you, I choose to play my Paladin the way it was meant to play, as a versatile support class capable of multiple roles."

"Have you bubble-hearthed yet?"

by Lillithu October 11, 2006
1. A knight on King Arthur's round table, they are noble and brave champions who only want to protect people

2. dumbass kids on World of Warcraft that wanted to be warriors that could heal. In PvP combat they typically just stall until a real class comes along, becuase by then the opponent is usually out of mana.
1. Paladins are holy knights of honor who would never run away from a fight

2. Shield and Hearth!
by Gregunit February 25, 2006
A very boring character to be on World of Warcraft, due to a lack offensive magic so they pretty much use melee combat all the time. Paladins are also pretty hard to kill due to their magical abilities. Plus they get a free steed at level 40, bastards.
So like this n00b duelled me when I was playing my Paladin character and tried to kill me but then I cast Divine Protection and then healed myself up.
by Lord Jamicus September 11, 2005
The paladin (aka. Loladin) is a playable caracter in the game World of Warcraft. Usually played by children around the age of twelve, socially retarded young or middle aged men or gay youngsters in extreme denial, the paladin offers these group a salvation through electronical deception. The paladin player is presented with abilities which renders him virtually unbeatable in almost any situation in the game. This in-game power gives the otherwise socially dysfunctional player a false feeling of importance and indivitually that they lack in real life.
Paladin, paladin, P4l4d1n.
by Smokeblender December 21, 2005
In relation to World of Warcraft, a popular MMORPG, the Paladin is quite often known as the "n00b" class because of it's simple playability. As of mid 2005, many Paladins are protesting that the class is too inactive and lacks control.
"/target Self /cast Hearthstone"
"I hate Paladins."
"You can't roll on that, Valor is for warriors!"
by Justin V July 26, 2005
1)A class in World of Warcraft that has been extremely screwed by a company called blizzard.

2)Myth: Creature supposed to kill shaman in World of Warcraft.

3)A term for something bad.
1)Calibur on Archimonde is a Paladin.

2)That Paladin got owned by that Shaman.

3)You're a Paladin! Noob...
by Calibur August 02, 2005
Paladin. The one class in World of Warcraft wich requires the absolute of no skills.
One choosing a paladin may suggested to be a person wich lack of gaming skills, rater to be a 12 years old kid.

If you see a paladin, just hit him once, and he will turn the invincible shield up and do the "return-to-home-inn" teleport thingy, and voila - no more paladin in yer way.
- Look! there's a paladin, let's kill him!
/cast shield /cast heartstone
- Now why did he do that? oh, yeah, right, he's a paladin, after all.
by \dev\null June 20, 2005
In World of Warcraft, a Paladin is an Alliance-only class which is a cross between a warrior and a healer. Paladins have various ways to make themselves invulnerable, and through their various ways of healing, make every one-on-one fight with one take far too long to be worth your time. Thus, it makes the class very appealing to wussies, n00bs, and 12 year olds. In comparision to all other classes, Paladins require the least amount of skill to play and win with.
Dude, Gary went Paladin. I've lost all respect for him.

Paladins are Warriors with training wheels.
by wowed_out April 01, 2005

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