A very boring character to be on World of Warcraft, due to a lack offensive magic so they pretty much use melee combat all the time. Paladins are also pretty hard to kill due to their magical abilities. Plus they get a free steed at level 40, bastards.
So like this n00b duelled me when I was playing my Paladin character and tried to kill me but then I cast Divine Protection and then healed myself up.
by Lord Jamicus September 11, 2005
Top Definition
The Paladin is a class of Warrior that is fully devoted to kindness and ridding the Universe of Evil. They are very religious, and have an extremely strict honor code, as well as a soft spot for children and animals. In combat, a Paladin with a cause is almost impossible to defeat.
Paladins fear nothing, for Evil fears them.
by Detranova August 06, 2003
Any of the Twelve Peers of Charlemagne's Court, of whom the Count Palatine was the chief; Knight errant; Champion.
See above
by Taz June 02, 2004
An elusive class in World of Warcraft.
I'm a little paladin short and stout
Here is my hammer here is my mount
When trouble comes I scream and shout
Then I bubble and hearthstone out.
by xdpirate January 04, 2009
A "holy knight"-type character in a roleplaying game, most notably Dungeons & Dragons and World of Warcraft. Usually has healing and damaging magic.

Must be lawful good in D&D.

In WoW, was originally only available to the Alliance; this changed with the release of the Burning Crusade.

Named for Charlemagne's inner circle of knights.
A blood elf paladin against a draenei shaman...now, that's epic!
by Qit el-Remel December 28, 2007
A Paladin is a character class created for OD&D the Original Dungeons & Dragons. All paladins must be Lawful (Lawful Good). All other alignments are only applied to paladins in inferior versions of D&D(Dungeons & Dragons) and other cheap inferior ripoffs of D&D(Dungeons & Dragons). Properly played Paladins are never Lawful Stupid - that only results from having a bad DM and bad players.

Playing a Paladin correctly in the real spirit of the game is something to which all roleplayers should aspire.
When you think of a Paladin, think of sweet combination of Batman and Superman in regard to character.
by Real Old School July 06, 2016
1. Is a Knight of high standards pure of Hart strong and kind

2. As well as a Christian who has been called to fight against the hords of evil in the world

3. A person with extream faith in the lord

4. A person with more noticeable God given abilitiesa to carry out the lords work

5.a religious section based upon the ways of Christian religion
The lord has called upon his paladins to fight.
by atruepaladin April 05, 2016
An incredible hero who, though he has a code of honor is not celibate.

In fact he is generally ridiculously good at pleasing woman and knows how to take care of them. That's why ladies dig Paladins - they can rescue them from danger and provide incredible sex.
Paladins rescue fair maidens then get sweet sweet rewards.
by palyhumper February 17, 2010
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