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Palacios is also known as City By The Sea. It is in Matagorda County.

Palacios is known as the biggest shrimping port on the coast of Texas.
There are a very large amount of Vietnamese people, so if you go to Palacios it won't be uncommon to go somewhere and hear people talking in Vietnamese. There is a small section of town known as the Vietnamese Village, or the Village that is home to only Catholic Viets.

Palacios's HS team is the Sharks, and they are big rivals with Tidehaven HS's Tigers. Tidehaven is very close and some Palacios residents go to school there.

No Wal-Mart, H-E-B or Buc-ees. We have Super S and Alco.
1: "Hey want to go fishing later?"
2: "Sure, wanna go on down to Palacios?"
1: "Okay, but we'll need to go pick up some bait."
3: "They have live shrimp."
2: "Oh how I love Palacios, TX."
by sm2014 June 02, 2011
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