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Just an improvement of the last post.

Stats Given Below.
Name: Pako The Cat
Level: 38
Experience: 1733
SP: 108
"Race": Elemental
HP: 1441
MP: 784
Respawn: 3 minutes
Aggression: None (Unless attacked)
Clan: None
Special Ability: None
Locations: Quest (West Side of Talking Island, about the same spot as the ruins, just on the coast)
A bad ass "monster" from "Lineage II." It resides on Talking Island, on the West coast, about halfway upisland near a shack. As it is known right now, impossible to kill, has an unknown level. Warriors using any special skills force it to disappear. When the Pako attacks, he tends to aim for the groin region on human-sized charaters.

In appearance, it is under 4ft tall, coated in white fur with blue eyes. Wears white pantaloons, red/gold robe, gold/red bandana.
Hey! Lets kill Pako the Cat!
by Engel April 22, 2004
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