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Pakistan attacked India 4 times and was defeated all 4 times.
1. Pakistan attacked India in 1947 in an attempt to annex Jammu & Kashmir. At the time India was unprepared for the attack and Pakistan was able to annex some territory. However, the tide of the battle turned soon and Pakistan was forced to retreat. It was at this time that India made the mistake of appealing to UN, the result of which was that Pakistan ended up with 1/3 of J&K Territory.

2. Emboldened by India's defeat in Indo-China war of 1962, Pakistan attacked India in 1965. However, it soon realised that it had bitten off more than it could chew and meekly signed a truce.

3. In 1971, it became apparent that because of Pakistan misrule, East Pakistan (Now Bangladesh) was spinning out of control. In order to prevent India from aiding Bangladesh, Pakistan attacked India. After taking heavy losses in the ensuing battle, Pakistan was forced to surrender.

4. In 1999, Pakistan invaded Kargil. Pakistani Soliders dressed as terrorists invaded and occupied several tactical positions inside India. However, after 2 months of high intensity Indian action, they were forced to surrender.

India: 4, Pakistan: 0.
Man: What were the Pakistan's war time achievements?
Girl: Getting beaten up?
Man: Ha ha ha ha!
by Trapdaar June 08, 2011

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