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An adult sleepover for swingers. Usually consists of large amounts of alcohol and the smell of sweat and shame. Attire is VERY revealing, if you have anything on at all.
My neighbors invited me to a pajama party and told me to bring my husband and an open mind.
by LilTxBarGirl July 01, 2011
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A Pajama Party is a party where there are no drugs, hoes or hard alcohol involved. These kinds of parties usually consist of pussy mixer drinks and really gay, lame as hell card games that only fags would enjoy. Usually the parties are full of underage teens with maybe a scattering of adults that just cant seem to leave their teen years behind.
As the junkies wobbled down the street they spotted what they thought was a rockin party, so they headed on over to the front door of the party house only to be confronted by a bunch of lame, geeky teens grasping their homosexual mixer drinks.
Junkies: 'Yo wheres the REAL alcohol'
Homos: 'OMFG r u serious?!?!?!'
Junkies: 'ok well how bout some weed or sumthin?'
Homos: 'OMFG r u serious?!?!?!?!'
Junkies: 'fuck it lets go, these fags are havin a pajama party'
by Bazza78 September 28, 2006
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