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{Verb} When one abstains from sexual activities for a period of time, then self relives themselves causing a bigger and far more powerful ejaculation that shoots far further then one first calculated. Thus hitting the wall and re painting it white.
I was sharing a room all week, so when I get home I am going to be painting the walls.
by Kirk August 15, 2005
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when a guy is so drunk that when he goes to take a piss, he can't control himself, thus pissing everywhere and anywhere around him.
"last night, my roomate went out to a bar, and this morning i found out that he had been painting the walls.
by T. O'Mally April 14, 2009
any type of intercourse in the dorms!
Jessica: did you hear what Carrie did last night?
Sam: No?
Jessica: She was painting the walls with Jack last night
by CrazyMonkey1992 January 09, 2011

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