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A good Kittie song from the cd oracle.
You must endure your own PAIN!!!
by !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! July 06, 2006
2 9
A word all you optimists use loosly. It's not falling down and scraping your knee. It's not getting pushed or shoved. Here's what pain is:
*Cutting yourself and seeing the blood run all over your arm
*Stuffing yourself with food and drinkining half a quart of orange juice at 1:00 a.m and then watching it all come back up again.
*Hearing your sister scream and watching your dad get the blame
*Laying in your room and screaming even though you know that no one cares.
That is pain. In other words, hurting is for that "pain" you optimists feel. Pain is for the pain that hurts no matter where or who you are.Pain can be physical or emotional. Or both.
You dumb optimists think that pain is mild.
by Judythereaper August 06, 2006
30 38
The thing that you will feel if you don't go away!
Feel pain!
by kwang June 05, 2003
15 23
Something you get when hitman kicks your ass
Ouch it hurts burns smells and is crap!
by Someone April 14, 2004
10 19
1: An excuse to get attention, commenly used by guys with no backbone.

2: A feeling most people never truly feel.
Joe said he was in to much pain to join the guys, so he stayed with sarah instead.

Even after Drew accidentally stabed himself in the arm with a buck knife he failed to feel pain, just extreme discomfort.
by Captain22 November 12, 2006
10 21
to be in the process of purchasing an item
tyrone still in line pain fo his foety? tell that nigga to get crackalackin!
by Trevbo July 13, 2004
12 24
Pain is pleasure. The knid of pleasure that is so intence that only your mind can comprehend it and your body feel it. That is true pain. The pain of lust, love, sex, and happyness.
When you fall so in-love that it makes you hurt when that person is not around.
by Joe Hill January 03, 2004
24 39