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One of the most overused and annoying phrases in news history to describe high gas prices. Often used at least once when broadcasting a story that involves gas prices.
Producer: I got it! We'll name the news story "Pain at the pump!"

Assistant Producer: Bloody clever that one!

*400 "Pain at the pump" news stories later*

Producer: Hmm...How about we call this segment "Pain at the pump?"

Assistant Producer: I love it! Very original.
by Baxton April 01, 2008
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Typically a term used to describe high gas prices, Pain at the Pump is also an indication of penile misery. This is most often, but not limited to, a burning or stinging sensation during evacuation of urine caused by a UTI, stones, or perhaps a venereal disease.
"Ever notice the guys that date Stacy always wind up with Pain at the Pump?"
by Gribby May 22, 2008

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