Paige is a very sweet, caring, loving, easy to love kinda girl. She is also very beautiful, and has a big heart. She is outgoing but still can be shy. She's also smart, funny and one of the best people i know. You can't help but love her. She's adorable too, even though she could be a butthead or stubborn at times you still gotta love her.
You'd be crazy to not get yourself a Paige.
by ThatOneDude96 June 11, 2016
Asshole, bitch
She is being a real Paige right now. "Yeah she kicked us out like a big old Paige"
by Drunk end- May 23, 2016
Extremely goofy and fun to be around. Her laugh makes others smile with delight and amusement. Loves memes and is truly a "meme queen". She is a loyal friend and the kind of person who wants to help everyone get their life together, even though she claims hers is falling apart, but she always has time for others. She can make friends with just about anyone but chooses who she hangs around very carefully, favoring those who can make her smile and laugh. She is a hard worker and wont give up until she's succeeded. She has occasional bouts of clumsiness and is prone to spilling things (mostly coffee) all over herself. Loves animals and feels things very deeply even though she doesnt always express this.
God, i love Paige.
by trulyalone1 May 25, 2016
Paige is a girl who is most of the time pretty but a Paige can sometimes be a little rude. They can sometime ditch u for someone else, get in public fights with you, and try to steal ur best friend away. Not all Paige's are like this but there is some out in the world that are. Most of them are nice but ya . If u live in Chicago land area, not all Paige's are the Best.
Remember, if Paige tries to be ur friend, then don't because she will ditch you
Hey, Paige is looking cute today.
by ehhhgirl January 07, 2015
The stupidest bitch that ever lived. She's more of a snake then Taylor Swift and is always playing the victim. She it two faces and a back stabber. Watch out for this assbutt.
I hate Paige with a passion.
by I want to drink bleach July 19, 2016
She is on and off with friends. Doesn't always keep her word. She's good looking but a bad personality. #Dramaqueen. Gets into arguments a lot. Jumps on to other guys quickly but can't have a real relationship or long term. bitch whore booty dramaqueen
Don't be like a Paige
by 321Wow May 26, 2016
Paige is a hoebag that enjoys anal sex and giving rather than recieving. She's a snicker licker and is not afraid for everyone to know that.
Did you see Paige and Dakavion grinding at prom?
by himynameispopcorn April 27, 2015
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