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An amazing girl, who I honestly love with all my heart. She makes me laugh, smile, and my heart do backflips. Cute, funny, beautiful.
"Wow, I love Paige! She's perfect!"
by SuperSwugGrant June 17, 2014
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A usually short lesbian with a pair of great tits.
"Damn, did you see Paige's tits as she walked by just now?"

"Hell yeah, man!"
by softgrungekarkat April 02, 2014
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paige is a beautiful and hilarious girl
everyone loves paige
she's on fire and everywhere you go you sniff and you will smell that smoky

any boy is lucky to have paige because she is truly perfect!
( shes also amazing at drawing;o )
"wow that girl is paige!"
"wow that girl is perfect!"
by 123hope April 03, 2013
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This is a type of girl who likes to throw herself at ppl cuz she feels unwanted. She craves attention because she's a whore and a slut!!! Shes so fake!! When it comes to guys, she puts herself down in front of them so they'll feel bad for her and make her feel like she has a chance with them. But when it comes down to girls, she is so full of herself and she trys to make the girls think tht they have no chance with certain guys. She loves to sabotage other ppls relationships just so she could be happy herself. She is such a rude bitch and doesnt kno wht a secret is... She tells all her "secrets" to everyone!!! She tells everybody about how many guys she dated and slept with. Shes a type of girl tht thinks shes loved by everybody but isnt...
Girl 1: OMG its my 1 week anniversary!!! This is what my 31st boyfriend?! I think we are gonna do it again tonight.
Girl 2: Your acting like a Paige!!!
by THEUNWANTED December 22, 2013
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Paiges are usually skinny, tall, blond, and have blue eyes. They are athletic and pretty. Paiges play many sports, but her main one is basketball. All girls want to be friends with her but she only has a few close ones that she selects. One day she's your friend, the next she's not. But girls still love her. Boys always like her. She's one of the most popular girls. Paiges are generally nice and are outgoing.
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Paige is an amazing best friend with an amazing boyfriend who she loves so much. She loves zombies, Jenna Marbles(from YouTube), the color green, & wants a green punch buggie. Loves her friends very dearly and keeps all their secrets. She is an all out perfect girl!
And she has a lesbian lover named Katelyn!
Katelyn: "You're my lesbian lover."

Paige: "Damn straight sugar baby."
by I loves the cock & vagina August 08, 2012
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Conceeded, annoying, talks to herself a lot. Horses ride her and she loves it. She hates men and thinks that she is better than everybody because she plays softball. AVOID PAIGE AT ALL COSTS, SHE WILL EAT YOUR SOUL!!!
That chick in computers class was being such a Paige.
Dude, stop being such a Paige.
by TheQisAwesome June 06, 2013
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