Paige is amazing. Honestly one of the best friends you could ask for. You may not always see it, but she cares. Paige is tall, skinny and absolutely stunning :) If you have a Paige friend, keep her, she may not last forever.. <3
Boy 1: That girl is so amazing.
Boy 2: Must be a Paige.
by Someone who cares <3 June 07, 2013
paige is a beautiful and hilarious girl
everyone loves paige
she's on fire and everywhere you go you sniff and you will smell that smoky

any boy is lucky to have paige because she is truly perfect!
( shes also amazing at drawing;o )
"wow that girl is paige!"
"wow that girl is perfect!"
by 123hope April 03, 2013
Cute,Smart,Funny,Always makes you laugh. Help you solve any problem. Great hair. Smooth talker,good with boys,has many friends. Loved by everyone.
I wish I was Paige. She is the best girl in the world!
by SwagJCat June 17, 2015
Any pretty lady full of swag. Paige oozes swag out of every pore and even cries and sneazes swag. Her middle name might as well be swag because of her swagnificent personality. When she smiles her teeth scream "swag" and she laughs it sounds like "swagahahahswag" since she is the swaggiest lady killa in all the land. In a country full of swagless people, Paige out swags everyone by a land-swag-slide.
Paige looks so swag today.

Paige looks so swag everyday. She is swag.
by Swagtron500 December 09, 2013
A hot funny amazing girl who has the best heart ever and you can trust her and she will always be there for you she will be your best friend for life and you will become sisters forever. All the boys will want her but she will always wait for that special person
Omg Paige is so hot
by Gymnast_basketballgirl11 November 01, 2015
Paige is a girl who is most of the time pretty but a Paige can sometimes be a little rude. They can sometime ditch u for someone else, get in public fights with you, and try to steal ur best friend away. Not all Paige's are like this but there is some out in the world that are. Most of them are nice but ya . If u live in Chicago land area, not all Paige's are the Best.
Remember, if Paige tries to be ur friend, then don't because she will ditch you
Hey, Paige is looking cute today.
by ehhhgirl January 07, 2015
Paiges are usually skinny, tall, blond, and have blue eyes. They are athletic and pretty. Paiges play many sports, but her main one is basketball. All girls want to be friends with her but she only has a few close ones that she selects. One day she's your friend, the next she's not. But girls still love her. Boys always like her. She's one of the most popular girls. Paiges are generally nice and are outgoing.

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