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An outgoing yet shy girl with brown hair and sparkling brown eyes. She's very athletic and good at everything she does. She puts a lot of effort into her everything she does and does very well. She is very tall and has long legs but isn't very flexible. She loves music and sings too. She has lots of friends. She denies being beautiful all the time, but she is gorgeous. All of the guys secretly like her.
Paige is amazing
by someone:):) November 27, 2013
One if the most amazing girls you will ever meet. She has a perfect body and a perfect personality. She has trouble getting over boys cuz she doesn't realize she is way to good for them. She is also the jealous type but she doesn't realize there is no reason to be jealous cuz she is so sexy she could get any guy she wants. She is the nicest sweetest girl you will ever meet. And she has a great life, an amazing smile, and beautiful eyes.
Paige is the best person ever! In wish I was her!
by AustinSmitty June 28, 2013
An amazing girl, who I honestly love with all my heart. She makes me laugh, smile, and my heart do backflips. Cute, funny, beautiful.
"Wow, I love Paige! She's perfect!"
by SuperSwugGrant June 17, 2014
A cool, awesome, funny, epic girl who is friends with everyone. She's popular but doesn't let it go to her head. She always keeps her group laughing, and it's suspected that every boy wants her, and is most definitely not a fiash.
Person 1: Hey did you see that one girl? She went from total matryoshka to total epic win in no time flat.
Person 2: It must've been Paige then.
by Mobianflame November 08, 2013
Paige is amazing. Honestly one of the best friends you could ask for. You may not always see it, but she cares. Paige is tall, skinny and absolutely stunning :) If you have a Paige friend, keep her, she may not last forever.. <3
Boy 1: That girl is so amazing.
Boy 2: Must be a Paige.
by Someone who cares <3 June 07, 2013
paige is a beautiful and hilarious girl
everyone loves paige
she's on fire and everywhere you go you sniff and you will smell that smoky

any boy is lucky to have paige because she is truly perfect!
( shes also amazing at drawing;o )
"wow that girl is paige!"
"wow that girl is perfect!"
by 123hope April 03, 2013
Any pretty lady full of swag. Paige oozes swag out of every pore and even cries and sneazes swag. Her middle name might as well be swag because of her swagnificent personality. When she smiles her teeth scream "swag" and she laughs it sounds like "swagahahahswag" since she is the swaggiest lady killa in all the land. In a country full of swagless people, Paige out swags everyone by a land-swag-slide.
Paige looks so swag today.

Paige looks so swag everyday. She is swag.
by Swagtron500 December 09, 2013