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She has the most self concious girl going, she is shy and awkward at first but once you get to know her she is one of the greatest people ever, shes got your back all the time and she always makes sure you're okay. She works hard at all she does. Acts very different with her friends then she does in front of guys or at school. She hates vampires and loves music. She can get along with almost everybody but if she dont like them after they leave shes a ball of fire and ready to go. Dont irratate her because then your in for a rude awakening. Guys don't be fooled...she may come across as quiet and serious and may not be the average sized but is deffinitly a good girlfriend to have. But she really has a great and friendly personality and would be a kick ass girlfriend. She can be shy when she's around somebody she really likes, so pay attention to her body langauge, play your cards right and youll have the best girlfriend.
guy 1: Have you seen Paige

guy 2: I know her just to to well

Best friend: I went on a date wtih her
by Random86 December 19, 2011
Paige is one of the most wonderful girls you could ever meet! If you get a chance to be friends with her, you will never regret it! She is the cutest, sweetest, most fun girl to ever exist! She often thinks poorly of herself and is hard to convince but she is such an amazing person. If you let her in, she'll make you fall in love in a month! Not to mention her amazing personality beautiful face, but she has an amazing body ;).
Guy 1: "Dude, is Jordan dating that Paige girl?"
Guy 2: "Looks like it."
Guy3: "What a lucky ass motherfucker!"
by YourOnlyLover August 19, 2012
A thin, petite, young lady. Exotic, French, and Italian. Likes to be funny and is in love with Shwayze. She also is very creative.
Paige has hilarious jokes.
by paigereneeizzle July 28, 2008
an awesome girl that is pretty and amazing. she has lots of friends and lots of boys after her
"Man i would love to be with a paige"

"Ya me too that waould rock"

"only if you get luckky will you get a paige"

"darn RIGHT!"
by gigiLOL January 10, 2012
She is a good friend, tells the truth, can be over dramtic but everyone can, she looks out for you, and she tells the truth even if it's bad.
Have you seen Paige today?"" Yes she looks amazing!
by iloveu123, June 07, 2011
She's a really sweet, funny, loveable girl who always has a smile on her face. She is the coolest friend you could possibly have. She can be lazy but she loves to go on adventures with her friends. Everyone should have a friend named Paige.
Hey, who's that super awesome chick?
Must be a Paige.
by lyc89 lp.;[' February 20, 2013
She is a very outgoing girl that can make anyone smile. She is the most beautiful homo-chromatic,tall, blonde girl you will ever meet. She has a heart of gold and shy at times. and even though shes not mine now, she will be mine in the near future.
guy 1-You hear that guys going out with that Paige?

guy 2-Last I heard she's single. May the best man win.

guy 3-She wont be single for long(; She's too much of a Paige to pass up. Don't worry, youre invited

guy 2- invited to what?

guy 3- our wedding *walks off laughing*

guy 1&2- :o
by stickthatinurjuiceandsuckit October 15, 2011