Paige is an angel from above. Her beauty is one that is unmatched from any other person in the world. She is sweet, nice, and has a smile that can brighten up a room. She is not only all of these things but also a friend that you can trust. She can make you smile even at the saddest of times and make you laugh even in depression. She is also the nicest person you will ever meet, if you ever have the good fortune of meeting her. As I said she is an angel, an angel that was sent down to brighten peoples days with her beautiful face and to make those smile when having a bad day. She is the best girl in the world, one that I will always love.
You are almost like a Paige, but no one can be as beautiful as her.
by nellister May 24, 2011
the most self concious girl going, beautiful face, body, eyes, and everyone loves her, she has hard punches, but isnt afraid to fight, she is shy and awkward at first but once you get to know her she is one of the greatest people ever, shes got your back all the time and she always makes sure you're okay.
me: me and paige did something earlier
friend: oh cool
by dannyisyourboy2k11 May 13, 2011
A hot, sexy women with a hot body.
Commonly confused with a bushy eyebrowed dyke.
Everyone should date a Paige
Guy 1: man i hooked up with a GORGEOUS girl last night!
Guy 2: she must've been a paige!
by Mary Brown November 29, 2007
An awesome teenage girl who hates vampires and loves music. She has alot of friends and hates fake people. She loves to party and takes alot of pictures. She has so many insider with her best friends and makes up nick names for everybody. Her favortie numbers are 18- 27. She loves guys with brown hair and brown eyes and sexyness. She can make anybody laugh even in the worst time. She loves fish names and is super funny.She can get along with almost everybody but if she dont like them after they leave shes a ball of fire and ready to go. Dont irratate her because then your in for a rude awakening. They guys like her but just wont admit it and she loves her one cousin and her neighbor. She can flirt mad hard and nor realize it and she can be shyh when shes around somebody she really likes, so pay attention to her body langauge, play your cards right and youll have the best girlfriend youve ever had. you know you love her.
Dude 1: woah! lok at her! shes pretty but shy , whats that about?
Dude 2: no dude shes shy around you cause your the hot hockey guy.
Dude 1: no i dont think so.
Dude 2: no look shes fine with them guys
Dude 1: Your right i might wanna go get my paige now. shes smokin hot! i guess thats how she flirts with people.
Dude 2: no?!?
by 0192837465122345 June 28, 2011
A girl who is pretty, but doesnt think it. She sometimes lacks in the confidence department and has some rough days. She's funny and smiles a lot. She won't tolerate being called "hot" or "sexy" by a boy. A guy who says that doesn't have a chance. She has loads of friends and has her sassy moments. She loves music and can't dance, but does anyway. Paige has been through a lot and hates when people are negative towards her. She's amazing, but doesnt know it. Get to know her and she'll be less awkward.
by Thats Personal September 02, 2012

guy1: wow who is that sexy lady!?

guy2: she must be a paige!
by matthew<3spaigie September 28, 2010
A beautiful girl that every guy wants. She's not slutty, but will. People love her smile, and want to get to know her a lot. She's adventurous, tan, and so much more. In school, people know her and who she is. She's fucking hot at hell and at least 100 guys want to bang her. Her favorite movie is- Are we there yet & Sherlock Holmes. You want to date a Paige before you graduate high school.
Dude, I know, do you think paige will do the same for me?
by Maria Bond June 21, 2010

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