An amazingly beautiful girl with the most amazing eyes. she is in perfect physical condition but commonly denies it even though she knows its true. she is so beautiful that any guy that sees her will instantly fall in love. she has the most interesting personality that every guy falls for. she is always on the look for the perfect guy that will treat her right. but what she doesnt see is that she already met him and hes standing right in front of her hoping that one day she will realize that he is the guy. :) i love you paige:)
holy crap! its the first day of school and i already found a paige:)
by juju from facebook July 25, 2010
A girl who works hard at all she does and can make her friends have total laughing spazzes. Acts very different with her friends then she does in front of guys or at school. She's an athlete, a writer, and just likes to have fun. Has gorgeous big blue eyes and hair the color of caramel. Likes guys who are smart, kind, funny, and athletic. Guys don't be fooled...she may come across as quiet and serious, but she really has a great and friendly personality and would be a kick ass girlfriend. If you know a Paige, give her a chance!
Random Guy Uno: Whose that cutie over there?
Random Guy Dos: Oh that's Paige.
by my_pseudonym23 October 04, 2010
one of the most awesomest girls around! She hits the streets with style and never holds her head down. She dresses up not down and is the topic of discussion. She is feminine, beautiful, irresistable and sometimes a diva. She is Paige.....
"don't hate me cause you ain't me"

"you wish you could be a Paige"
by beautysecret February 03, 2010
a very outgoing but shy girl, i dont know how that works out but it does somehow, she is always fun to be around and can always make you laugh, she tends to be very cute all the time, she always has the cutest clothes no matter what, she is easy to love and hard to hate, she has a great personality and will talk to anybody, she is deffinatly one of the greatest girls alive
Dude, did you hear about matt?

Yeah guy i heard hes dating Paige now

yeah hes one luckey guy to be with a girl that amazing
by ThatLuckeyGuy May 16, 2011
Independent, Fun-Loving (Latin)
Paige always knows how to have fun and make good choices.
by diction3 February 04, 2010
The poem for my amazingly awsome girlg friend

Love yah paigey <3
by InLoveWithPaige April 20, 2010
A really nice girl who sorts out fights with friends, all the guys like her but she wont admit is, beautiful big blue eyes and blonde hair really sweet and kind:)
doesnt paige look beautiful tonight? any guy would be lucky to have her<3
by etrfyhuhdjksm April 05, 2011

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