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a duck faced bitch.
My teacher gave me an essay for homework, what a paige!
by willy vohowerstein April 07, 2009
a dumb gurl who goes to community college for a few years to teach preschoolers their colors and how to poop.

"Paige, why were you out?"
"I had a fever blister which meant I had fever."
"Paige, a fever blister doesn't mean you have fever"
"Oh, I'm such a fucking Paige."
by ldjfkal89 April 27, 2009
Is a slut that does after all men and is a strawberry blonde
Ewww look at that paige
by chick 06 March 09, 2009
1)a particualary stupid person with little common sense or none at all
1)Wow, when we told that bitch coke went out of buisness she beleived us, whatta fuckin paige.
by m finley November 23, 2006
(Noun.) 1. Retarded. 2. Walks into Zumiez 3.Can't walk in a straight line. 4. Is sitting next to Julia currently 5. Does not want me to put it up. 6. Can't get it up. 7. She wants to make some babies. 8. She wants to get it on. 9. She wants to make you horny, BUT SHE CANT GET IT UPPPPP!!

And i <3 her/
what a white gangster.
Look at those black men paige!
by ying ying June 14, 2008
a snotty girl who claims to look older.. NAHT.. herb, bushy eyebrows, GROSS.
You're such a Paige.. why would you ever jock my sh!tizzle
by herbfedish233 October 15, 2007