Paige is someone who is stubborn, moody, and not very fun to be around. She is someone who tends to boast and thinks very highly of herself and very low of others. She can only manage to think of herself. She is incredibly spoiled and snobby. I don't know why anyone is friends with Paige.
by Truth be told January 11, 2013
Young teenager who fucks every guy she falls for. Shes very insecure but she doesn't think she is. She uses your friendship and tries to get the best out of the friendship, then she never speaks to you again, continues fucking guys, and moves on to some cunt who has more money to offer.She thinks shes smart but shes really dumb, I dunno how smart she is at school.... but she she should be a blonde. Her dumbness is seriously weird. She thinks she discovers a whole new thing and when she tells you about it you have already known about it for about years. She also thinks she knows everything. Shes pretty and everything... But she has a horrible inside. Doing stupid things just for attention. That's Paige for you, Don't trust them xx
(fucks) (paige) (dumbness)
by thinkyouknowmedontya May 14, 2012
a girl that has a pig nose, therfore in other words can be defined as a pig. shes loose and super ugly, not to mention desperate, she likes to flash her flat tits through text messages. Paiges generally are nasty, and have really oily faces.
person 1: " hey did you see paige today?"
person 2: " yeah, you mean that pig over there with the bacon grease all over its face?"
person 1 " yeah! thats her, she sent me some pics of her flat tits. they were nasstay!"
by kittygoesmrowmrow December 18, 2011
A bitchy ass girl. A man stealer who takes boys from her best friend. She gets the leftover guys from the one who she wishes she could be. She does not give a fuck about anyone but herself. She is the most selfish attention hogging man stealing bitch there is. Eventually everyone will realize she is a bitch and stop talking to her, which will crush her because she has no friends or attention.
did you hear!? She stole her best friends boyfriend

Damn, such a paige
by yourworstenemy44 October 18, 2011
A deceiving and sneaky girl who will pose as your friend for the whole year when you just move into town. Will make you feel welcome and seem like an awesome person. At the end of the year, she will show her true colors: make out with your boyfriend, who was your long-time crush all year, say sorry via text, then make him break up with you for her. However, the only reason boyfriend breaks up with you is because you won't lose your virginity to him, and Paige will fuck him. Paige is not pretty, and slightly overweight. Beware.
Beware of Paige, she seems sweet, but is pure evil.
by HelloKittyZombiee May 18, 2011
A type of Chipmunk, usually found in Australia.
Oh Snap!! A crazed Paige!! Shes going on a rampage!!
by not Kurt October 02, 2007
This is a type of girl who likes to throw herself at ppl cuz she feels unwanted. She craves attention because she's a whore and a slut!!! Shes so fake!! When it comes to guys, she puts herself down in front of them so they'll feel bad for her and make her feel like she has a chance with them. But when it comes down to girls, she is so full of herself and she trys to make the girls think tht they have no chance with certain guys. She loves to sabotage other ppls relationships just so she could be happy herself. She is such a rude bitch and doesnt kno wht a secret is... She tells all her "secrets" to everyone!!! She tells everybody about how many guys she dated and slept with. Shes a type of girl tht thinks shes loved by everybody but isnt...
Girl 1: OMG its my 1 week anniversary!!! This is what my 31st boyfriend?! I think we are gonna do it again tonight.
Girl 2: Your acting like a Paige!!!
by THEUNWANTED December 22, 2013
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