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slutty bitch; short with a big ass; wears shirts that show her boobs; annoying as hell. Paige is a man and friend stealer and likes to make your life hell she will do anything to hurt you. She comes off sweet and thinks everyone loves her but really they hate her. Never date a paige
That girl is such a paige
by This_girl<3 May 28, 2010
An "engaged and underage", flat chested, bitchy girl whose nuva-ring falls out during passionate lovemaking with her "of age" fiance'. She also enjoys discussing "poop" daily.
"What is this?" - Fiance'
"Um... Put that back in" - Paige
"You're such a damn Paige" - Fiance'
by SxyChclyte^__^ April 08, 2009
Paige is a goddess. She is heaven sent - a saint. Everyone should aspire to be more like Paige.
1: "I wish I could have such stunning features like Paige."
2: "Don't we all?"
by pkk September 05, 2006
Paige is a girl who has a tendency to pick shitty boys who fuck her over and isn't afraid to flash someone just to get some alcohol. But we love her anyway.
Paige: I love you.
Boy: Sorry i was just in it for the sex.
Paige: Shit.
by yuhh_huh? August 07, 2009
a paige is someoone who will wake up the next morning regretting everything she has done the night before.
omg, i feel like such a paige.
by kdotelevn January 17, 2009
A girl who flirts without realizing it, a whore, a slut, a bitch
"Did you see her? She was all over him, in his lap, touching him, giggling."

"She is SUCH a Paige!"
by Angry Cougar-Kitty Angel March 12, 2009
A pale complected, red eyed (covered with contacts), animal-blood sucking vampire....who won't admit she's a vampire.
"That paige was eyeing the gazelle. And then she ATTACKED!"

"The paige at Burger King, was downing that cow!!!"
by Kaba1827374 April 04, 2009