A short, midget-esque girl whos main purpose in life is to find and defeat voldemort. She carrys around a wand and a book of spells to defeat her enemies. Paige often cackles at the moon late at night in hopes to attract her one true love: Edward Cullen. Paige eagerly awaits each morning to mousse her hair up and yell at a friend of hers. She is often compared to golem from lord of the rings, and loves to wear pants that are too big so that she has a "pouch" as marsupials do. Paige's diet consists of celery and capers. Everyone has a friend like Paige.
Paige is truly one of a kind!
by Koo Koo KA CHOO! June 13, 2010
Paige, someone who gives off characteristics that of a 'mong'.

Paige originates from the Roman word of Paigearomuli, meaning, spastically uncoordinated down syndromee.

Paige is generally that of a gypsy origin, however, those from mermaid backgrounds are also common.
That person is such a Paige.

When you do that you look like a Paige.
Why don't you start licking your elbow, you'd be so Paige like then!
by irishglockenspiel November 15, 2010
A damn hot skinny blond who's funny, but a controlling bitch. In her future she will have been through 4 failed marriages, grow 7 times her size, and most likely end up with a hoarding problem, living with a dozen cats.
"Glad I didn't marry that! GEEZUS."

"Yeah, Paige turned out to be a tub of lard!"
by woopasso July 25, 2011
(aka Gollum) The name of a foul disgusting creature disguised in a costume of loose skin not quite fitting her skeletal frame. It is STI ridden, It makes friends with you then fucks your boy friends, ex boy friends and anyone your close to, not only passing on her diseases but making life awkward for you then moving onto the next group to start sucking the life out of them.
Oh where are you off to? Oh um just going to my friends house. Ok cool. have fun **talking to your boyfriend** how was your night? yeah it was. . . . um . . . you know Paige is trying to get in with me aye? . . . . WTF???
by coffinlayer March 31, 2011
Huge whore, extremely huge whore, looks like a horse is never there for you is the most annoying fack you'll ever meet
sometimes she's cool is kinky and has sex on bestfriends bedrooms floors
Did you hear what paige did last night

yeah what a whore
by shane tremblay June 29, 2010
is the biggest square on earth only hangs out with her boyfriend once a month. and has the most ugly and gayest boyfriend ever
dude that girl is a real paige
by am558 March 03, 2011
slutty bitch; short with a big ass; wears shirts that show her boobs; annoying as hell. Paige is a man and friend stealer and likes to make your life hell she will do anything to hurt you. She comes off sweet and thinks everyone loves her but really they hate her. Never date a paige
That girl is such a paige
by This_girl<3 May 28, 2010

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