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The last of the Persian dynasties prior to the revolution, which changes the government from a monarchy to a theocracy, thereby retarding growth and development of the Iranian people by a century or two.
Persians did not deserve the Pahlavi dynasty.
by Nizam February 26, 2004
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A dynasty that ruled Iran from 1953 to 1979, when it was toppled by the Islamic Revolution.

An enlightened, progressive, and pro-Western regime that was generously enforced on the Iranians by the US following CIA led coup of democratically elected nationalist Mossadeq.

The Pahlavi regime practiced benevolent policies which included the torturing and execution of political opposition; hording billions of dollars from oil revenues while most of the populations lived in shanty towns; use of secret police (SAVAK) to terrorize all those opposing the Shah.

Then inexplicably all sections of Iranians united against Shah Pahlavi and overthrew him, installed instead an Islamic state, and began to randomly hate the US. Those ungrateful Iranians clearly don't know how to return a kind favor.
American: How dare those Iranians oppose the US and fail to appreciate all the wonderful things we did for them during the Pahlavi era.
Iranian: .....
by The Middle East Expert June 25, 2012

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