Polytheistic Religion Based In Nature.
And I Will Pray Like A Pagan
To Anyone Who Will Take Me To Heaven

by K. Barnes October 16, 2005
A pagan is a person who doesn't let the 10 Commandments interfere with his or her having a good time. A non-chaste person. A debauched person.
My grandmother advised me to avoid pagan Englishmen.
by Irish Saint September 19, 2010
A biker gang full of pussies.
look at those hells angels stompin the shit out them pagans!!!
by loco1 August 26, 2007
Pagan In estonian means "devil"
"Pagan küll" - for something to go really bad.
by Maits September 15, 2008
everyone who isn't an atheist
I'm a stupid fucking pagan and I'm trying to resurrect the zombie Jesus!
by atheismisthetruth May 08, 2009
Society is full of these people.
Ooh look at them pagans over there.
by :Joe Friday: October 09, 2005

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