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A acronym meaning Punk Ass Faggot Ass Bitch. Used to describe all people who couldn't be summed up as a Asshole, Bitch, douchebag... It includes them all.
TSA:Ticket sales, how can i help?

Cus: Yeah I just placed my order, and I need to know if it went through, I have my confirmation number. Can you look it up?

TSA: {mute}Another PafaB. Cold Transfer
by The Great Black Pope August 19, 2008
Acronym: Punk Ass Faggot Ass Bitch. When calling someone an asshole just doesn't suffice.
TSA:"Morning, Ticket sales, My name is Mike Cohen"

Caller: "Yeah I need aisle seats for this Gen. Admission concert"

TS: If it's GA then it's first come, first serve"

Caller: "So that means you can't get me ailse seats....?

TS: That caller was a complete P.A.F.A.B."
by The_Great_Black_Pope October 08, 2008
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