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To be censured, sanctioned or dismissed arbitrarily by a group or individual on the basis of an unstated personal bias.
"Your account has been banned permanently from ***."
"Because we, the moderators, can!"
"Oh, so I've been PA'ed?"
by Niall Cook October 13, 2006
Verb - to paed: to sexually abuse (a child)

Origin - paeophile: one who paeds
"That nonce is going to paed that kid up, no doubt"
by Dr Samuel Johnson June 09, 2009
An affectionate reference to a possible sex pest/predator.
Paeds! Get your fanny out of bed! Boozan, tell Paeds to get their fanny out of bed.
by VacCleanerNose December 04, 2008
Shortened version of the word paedophile, a child molestering "paed". Also could be short for paedo.
"You're such a paed caev"
"Syke, you paed, get your cock out of that 8 year old"
by Darren Jacobs June 28, 2005