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Ways these girls are similar:

1. Trash talk each other online, or behind backs instead of face to face
2. Sit and argue with each other about who is the bigger slut and who gets more action.
3. Call each other fat or Annorexic (they can't make up their minds)
4. Won't shut the hell up ... EVER!
5. Obviously have way too much time on their hands.
6. are all around fake.
7. There are no boys at either school.
8. Both are smack in the middle of wilmington Delaware.
9. Both contain some wealthy members of the community, sluts, nerds, etc. (basically a variation of lifestyles/personalities
Now with the clarification that all the trash we say about each other ocurs at both schools, and is what we actually share in common, can we please get a grip and stop this nonsense?! There has to be something better to do with your time!...
by Me xo January 31, 2005
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