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When someone works your sack like a punching bag, but with their feet, while you piss in their face (displaying the spurts of water that accompany paddle boating)
"Dude, you think the Dutch Rudder kicks ass?? Wait till some chick gives you the Paddle Boat... with cashmere socks on."
by shewes February 03, 2009
Similar to motorboating, a successful paddle boat is performed by inserting your index finger into the exposed cleavage of a girl and wiggling it back and forth.
I got drunk and his girl wouldn't let me motorboat her so I paddleboated her.
by jacks finger January 13, 2014
v. Very similar to the term motorboat, but instead of moving one's head side to side, you use one hand on the outside of each boob, alternating pushing them back and forth against one's face while it stays still and making a vigorous, lip-vibrating "brrr" sound.
John - "Man, Mary's tits were so nice, I just Paddleboat (ed) the shit out of them!"
by Chops & Stuck June 10, 2007
The act of motorboating a girls ass. Putting your face in between the cheeks and shaking your head while blowing air through your lips to make them slap together.
I paddleboated your mum last night, she loved it.
by L - dog May 28, 2014
Placing you face/head between a woman's breasts and manually slapping yourself with her breasts.
Hunny my tits hurt from last night paddle boating adventure
by death earneck August 21, 2010
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