PacSun is a preppy knock off of Zumiez PAcSun has some good belts and some ok shirts

Girl:Where did you get that Famous shirt they don't sell those around here
Preppy Girl: Pac Sun! they just started selling them
Girl:Shit it's becoming a new fad
by Liz- June 26, 2006
The master god in the arcad great Pac Man and Mrs. Pac Man... but onone has ever see the great Pac Sun because it is hidden
i heard u bout thoug
by howdoithinkofthisstuff? March 25, 2005
Trendy Surfer 1: Dude this is so cool!

Trendy Surfer 2: YEAH MAN HANG 10

Trendy Surfer 1: COOL LETS GO HAVE SEX

Trendy Surfer 2: YEA DUDE!
garbage is just garbage
1.) Life size barbie mall outlet.

2.) The entrance to plastic hell.

3.) Sunny Delight in a crammed crate
1.) Let's go meet Ken at Pac Sun!

2.) Pac Sun is bright and colorful. Sometimes you can see through the shirts!

3.) I want to order some Pac Sun
by Josephine April 24, 2005
Slang for incest between father and son.
Dude pac'ed his sun everyday til they arrested him.
by BillyBob April 03, 2005
The worse fucking store ever. ( I work there, I know).
A place where little 12 year old girls go to dress like whores while spending $200 of their parents hard earned money.
A shirt is anywhere form 14.50-60.00 and most of the clothing looks like something you could pick up at Walmart for $5.
The style is generally wanna-be punk/skater but you anyone who wears their clothing ends up looking like a fucking retard.

14 year old girl: Omg I love this dress! How much is it?
Me: $40.00 plus tax. So...$80.99. If you make another purchase of $100.00 or more you can get a free necklace.
14 year old idiot: Omg really?!?! That's such a good deal! I'm going to ask my mom for more money.
Me: Fucking dumbass.

I'm going to quit working at Pac Sun soon. I'm totally going to miss my discounts though. $3 off a pair of $50 dress. *Gasp*
by Bladeblahdeehlkd August 09, 2008
ok people...pac sun is a store for fucking posers. guys that shop there dont even skateboard and dont even know what the brands are. the people that shop there ruin it for the people that stay true to skateboarding and not just wear the clothes. In fact you can tell who dosnt skateboard just by who shops at pac sun. Also, brands like DC, Element, Zoo York and Volcom are faggots that sold out just to make a quick buck. It pisses me off. Ive been wearing DC since i was 8 years old. I am now 18 and am no longer able to wear the brands that i used to love because i dont wear shit brands that sell out. thats all. dont shop at pac sun. support your local skate shop. holla if you feel the same
David: "dude you scuffed my new DC's that i just got at Pac Sun."

Me: "they were made to be scuffed and actually skated in..not worn by a fucking poser like you."
by realskater44 September 21, 2008
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