A store for people who know how to dress, that aren't losers that go to Express and fagots that go to American Eagle.
All the people that want to hate can eat a big DICK!
by Tiffinie June 24, 2005
!!!THE BEST STORE IN THE MALL!!! The people that hate pac sun are weird O's! If you have never been into PAC SUN you should it is the best store EVER!!!!
peep 1:Let's go shopping at pac sun
peep 2:Kewl, it is the best store ever I can get surfer/sk8er clothes there!
Peep 1:Yeah, I know
by Presley June 11, 2005
Store in most malls. For skaters and surfers and/or people who like to pretend to be skaters or surfers.

They sell overpriced, bad quality, name-brand clothes/perfume/shoes/accessories.

The most annoying kind of sluts seem to shop here. The kind that won't even admit that they are sluts and consider themselves rebels or skater/surfer chicks. Their shirts are too small.
Alissa: Hey, where did you get that 'Element' shirt?
Britney: Oh.. PacSun..! It was only 35 dollars!
Alissa: Wait.. do you skate?
Britney: Why would I do that?
by Pilé May 14, 2005
1. a store that sells skate and surf stuff
for skaters and surfers
2. a store that sells skate and surf stuff for people who are not a skater or a surfer
3. short for pacific sun, you may think, but it is really short for Poser Store.
1. "hey i need a new sweatshirt! my other ripped when i was skating! Let's go to pac sun!"
2. "hey let's go to pac sun! so people take me as a skater!"
by hihi March 30, 2005
A store that makes alot of money off of people that wear skateboarding clothes and don't skate.
BillyBob:Is that dude sponsord by eliment?
JimmyJoeJackson:Nah. He bought his clothes from Pac Sun. He can't even ride a skateboard
by L2L1 March 26, 2005
1) the store that thinks mixing baby blue and brown is cute. come again?

2) the store with egotistical employees who shoot you dirty looks when you ask where the changing rooms are.

3) If your name is not Ashlee, Chad, Brad, or Stacy you are denied the job.
-"Hey, my name is Bill, I saw the 'JOBS HERE' sign in the window..."

-"Hello Bill, let's just have Brad here escort you out :)"
by Erin January 06, 2005
originating in pasadena Newfoundland, this word is similar to packing/humping, usually directed towards the anus by another male, while still covered by clothing.
grease: hahahaha!
bill: what?
grease: i just pac sun'd george in the locker room..
bill: nice!
by bill leboubon June 12, 2007

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