A place where they have cool skater clothes such as: Roxy's, Etnies, etc. But the service is pretty bad and a lot of posers come.
Poser: I just got this adorable roxy jacket and etnies shoes at Pacsun!

Skater: Whatever.
by Aly Montgomery February 07, 2007
A store, just likke any other store. It does not make you a poser if you shop there. However If you shop ther for the wrong reasons hat makes you a poser. Basically only shop there if you like the clothing but that goes for anystore.
Poser:"OMGGGGG if I weeeearr this shirt from pac sun I'll look lk a punk.. I dont really like it but i"ll look so punk! (buys short)

Non-poser: ohh cute shirt I really like it (biys shirt)
by xxroyalbloodxxx March 31, 2009
Hot store full of surf and skate clothes sorta like Hollister but with slightly better prices and hot sales.
Dude 1 - Dude, I saw a long sleeved shirt like this at Hollister.
Dude 2 - It's ten bucks less here.
Dude 1 - Dude.
Dude 2 - Dude!
by HollisterWhore January 30, 2005
the coolest store ever! everyone thinks that only posers go there and that is not true. i go there and ive been skating for 10 years
skater1-dude where'ed u get that awesome element shirt?
skater2-pac sun, there stuff is wicked!!
skater1-cool!lets go!
by dcvansgirl March 16, 2007
a rip off surf/skate shop for landlock middle america suburbanites that carries brands such as roxy, fox, billabong, o'neil and DC
Ashey: OMG lets go to pac sun! Then we'll go to hollister, aero, and Charlotte Russe!

Courtney: zo my gawddd sounds like a plan :)
by lalalalalalaloomer August 13, 2010
short for pacific sunwear, a retail store for cool people
anyoone who does not like this store can go to gap,abercrombie, "express for men" or whatever else the t.v. commercials tell you how to dress.
by havok one August 18, 2004
place for skate people and like other people who don't know where they are.............
Skater: yo dude what are you doing here?
Goth:i thoght this was hot topic........
Skater: dude it's like next door.........
Goth:oh, so this is Pac Sun..........
by whateverifeellike September 10, 2006
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