A store that is SUPPOSEDLY said to be in the realms of the Hollister Co. target - yet it is not. Officially called Pacific Sunwear, this HUGE chain sells clothes from many punk//skaterchic//mosher//surfer brands including Roxy, Billabong, Bullhead, 44mm, Fox, Kirra, etc. They do have AMAZING buffalo plaid flannels, I must say. Bullhead is a brand sold there with AMAZING super-skinny jeans!
Ava: hey don't u like my awesome neon Bullhead solana superskinny jeans from PacSun?
Zoe: hell yeahh.
Ava: thanks, i'm trying to imitate the punk/skaterchic/mosher/surfer SoCal lifestyle . . .
Zoe: WELL, good luck!
* air-kisses the audience & exit from SR *
by meladecadence November 01, 2009
A store that mostly sells skater and surfing brands, for almost the same price as Zumiez. How ever, a lot of people who aren't skaters walk in there.
PacSun has some good hoodies.
by somebody from america November 25, 2008
Pac Sun, a pretty cool place that sells stuff with tons of brand names that most people have no clue what they are. Cool sweatshirts, cool shirts, and other cools stuff too. Kind of expensive, but not too horrible.
*two people in pac sun*
Person A- "Hey, whats this brand?"
Person B- "I dont know."
Person A- "This one?"
Person B- "Not a clue. Hey, you know what this is?"
Person A- "Nope"
Salesperson- "Can I help you?"
Person A- "Yeah, what are these brandnames?"
Salesperson- "To be quite honest, I have no clue."
by Sarah February 20, 2005
A store that goes with that whole surf idea thing. But most people who shop here aren't poseurs. In other words they won't wear their clothes just because it says " Panc Sun" on it. Unlike those people who won't wear anything that doesn't say "Hollister" or "Abercrombie" on it.
"look at this super cute shirt I got from Pac Sun"
" oh those are way cuter than my pre-torn jeans that i got for 78$
by hottopicluvr April 21, 2008
a clothing store that used to sell really good clothes for skaters/surfers until ((once again)) the preps had to ruin it. do they not know what kind of clothes are sold there? could they name three brands in the store? no. they should stay at abercrombie and buy their tight over priced $150 pants.
prep: *on cell phone* im at Pac Sun ! omg lthere's this cute shirt! it has, like, a diamond on it!
nomal person: umm excuse me, but thats called Volcom.
prep: wow, these shoes are, like, flat on the bottom!
normal person: thats because they are skating sneakers.
prep: skating? who does that?
normal person: and u say you like Pan Sun ? *walks away shaking head sadly*
by Liz* January 13, 2006
A store that has some clothes that are un-preppy enough to wear.
guy1: dude look at this shirt.
guy1: yea its so cool and its only 15 dollars
guy2: sweet
by ? March 24, 2005
NOT just a store for skaters and surfers. I shop there and I'm not a skater,surfer nor am I trying to become one I just like how they dress. Is it a crime to like wearing skinny jeans, vans, and hoodies even though I'm not a skater or surfer. Is it also a crime like to want to wear lighter clothes like denim shorts and a thin t-shirt because of the hot weather here in CA. In conclusion, it's a pretty cool store for EVERYONE.
pac sun rocks!!
by milkdudrock98 November 22, 2009
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