PACO is an acronym for: Paedophiles Against Coming Out..

These people because of this think they deserve some moral highground for this which is bullshit bcoz everyone can see thru the shit..
Founding Paco Member: Did u know mohammed was a peadophile??

other paco member: really so we can all take the moral highground??kewl!!
A randomer who ends up in your night out pictures. Normally looks very drunk and has odd features.
Who's that paco in the side of that picture?
by Greyce Tea December 15, 2008
the kid that no one likes and is really annoying and is really REALLY DIRTY! if he has a dirt stache and a unibrow then he is definitely a paco. He also likes to do science projects about crayons and they drop his grade 25%. He may think hes a genius but in reality he is not. MUST BE MEXICAN
kid 1:"Hey paco, you need to shave that dirt off your face"
paco:"None of the teachers at school told me to"
kid 2:"Fuck you paco"
by notpaco June 02, 2010
a gay ) guy from uraguay who likes to travel and sample lots of alcoholic bevarges along the way..likes other men to carry his shopping bags.. hopes to have a baby with his gay male partner , even though it is BIOLOGICALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO POP TART A LIFE OUT OF YOUR ANUS NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU TRY!! so on this realisation he decides he is now bi / lesbian so he can mack on to an ususpecting naive female in the hope of getting her seriously duffed,as a result she may have faecel matter festering in her vagina because,he forgot TO MENTION HE IS IN FACT GAY AND LIVING A SECRET LIFE!!
really its just such a betrayal( nothing wrong with it, being gay or watever unless u lie about it)..
paco: hi i am from uraguay unsupecting female: ohh really blah blah blah.. everyone else: how the hell did she not get it?? ten months later she pops one out and gets a cracking std in the meantime..because he never mentioned there was another man in the relationship..
really short;extremly retarted; REALLY slow; is NOT phsycic; can NOT read minds; wannabe cracker;

another name for a blow job
dude you're a paco!

dude i really want a paco..right now!
give me a paco!
get on your knees and give me a paco!
A male who has a distinct dressing style.

Someone who looks hispanic, especially Mexican.
Look at that guy's colourful shirt, he's such a paco!!!


You're such a paco!
by Ivan, Mayo January 30, 2006
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